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NYC Apartment Building Construction

CUSTOM Condo and Co-Op Renovation and Remodeling throughout NYC

CUSTOM Condo & Co-Op Renovation & Remodeling throughout NYC

Your apartment should be more than just your home – it should be an extension of your personality and style. N&N Marble & Tile has been crafting the most elegant condo and co-op designs in New York for decades. We specialize in European and American style apartments, handling all aspects of design and remodeling. That includes designing your renovations from scratch, getting all the necessary permits, and following through with the construction in the shortest time possible. After we're done, we don't leave without making sure that your home and building are left neat and clean. But we don't do it all ourselves – as homeowner, your creative input, preferences, and ideas will guide our every step. Our specialties include:

NYC Kitchen Apartment Renovation
New York City Apt Bath Remodeling
NY Apartment Building Flooring NYC
NYC Apartment Painting & Refinishing
NY Apt Light Fan Fixture Installation
NYC Apartment Wall & Ceiling Install

Over 2 Decades of Condo and Co-Op Renovation & Remodeling Experience

With a European-inspired approach to building renovation and construction, N&N Marble & Tile is the contractor to call when you need an upscale remodeling job done in your condo or co-op. Our qualifications include:

  • Over 20 years of construction experience
  • Personalized service for homeowners, architects and designers
  • Expert in higher quality custom construction
  • EPA certified, NY licensed

Call N&N Marble & Tile today for residential and commercial apartment building renovations and remodeling construction throughout New York City: 516.264.4005

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